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Intesi Group: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

About Intesi Group

Over the years Intesi Group has developed expertise in PKI issues and technology applied to the management of digital signing of transactions and documents in compliance with Italian and European law. With these skills and their Pksuite products, Intesi Group is the Italian leader in the construction of infrastructure of advanced electronic signature, digital signature, Massive Signature / Automation and Remote Signature. Intesi Group is a leading provider of cryptographic servers prepared for the level security required by safety regulations and standards typical of the banking (interbank circuit, ATM, chip, debit / credit cards, EMV). Intesi Group PkBox and PkSuite integrate with SafeNet Luna SA and Luna PCI Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to secure these types of digital signatures and transactions.


Intesi Group’s PkSuite and PkBox provide flexible solutions for creating centralized signature services. They can be sized to handle large volumes of signatures and a large number of credentials while ensuring maximum reliability and performance. To further increase security, Intesi Group PKBox and PKSuite integrate SafeNet Luna SA and Luna PCI HSMs, designed to secure digital signatures and transactions.

Intesi Group: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

Via Torino, 48
Milano, 20123
Main Phone: +39 02 6760641
Fax:+39 02 67606437

Integrated Application(s):

    Intesi Group PKBox and PKSuite: Digital Signatures with SafeNet Hardware Security Modules
    PkSuite / PkBox are flexible security servers for managing the operations of Digital Massive Signature according to the Italian and European law and to support applications that must deal with the logical data security. PkBox is recommended in situations of high volumes of transactions (such as Massive Signature, Verification of signatures received, Authentication, Encryption), offering maximum flexibility, reliability and scalability of the solution implemented. These transactions also require the utmost in security, so the Intesi Group relies on SafeNet Luna SA and Luna PCI HSMs to provide strong security for cryptographic keys, paper-to-digital initiatives, digital signatures, hardware key storage, transactional acceleration, certificate, code or document signing, bulk key generation, data encryption, and more.

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