Totemo: Email with SafeNet

About Totemo

The Swiss software company, Totemo AG, provides solutions for email encryption, securely managed file transfer, and secure mobile communication for organizations and institutions under the product names of totemomail®, totemodata® and totemomobile®. All online communication with partners and customers remains confidential, reliable and efficient – and most importantly, device- and location-independent. Totemo’s patented and FIPS 140-2-validated security platform enables seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures. For extended security for such confidential content as email, Totemo partners with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) to further protect its email environment.


Email communication is particularly vulnerable to data loss. Totemo has determined in its research that most breaches of data privacy policies can be traced back to deficient email security. Despite its vulnerabilities, email remains a permanent, fundamental form of business communication. As a result, Totemo integrates with SafeNet Luna SA HSM to raise the bar on email security through encryption and digital cryptography.

Totemo: Email with SafeNet

Freihofstrasse 22
Kusnacht, CH-8700
Main Phone: +41 44 914 99 00
Fax:+41 44 914 99 99

Integrated Application(s):

    Totemo Mail: Email with SafeNet Luna SA
    totemomail® Encryption Gateway protects external email communication and totemomail® Internal Encryption secures internal email traffic. Message confidentiality, integrity and authenticity needs to be absolutely protected with a reliable, secure messaging solution that protects sensitive information even when on the move.  Totemo’s FIPS 140-2-validated totemomail® product family is optimized to observe security policies and they go the extra mile by incorporating SafeNet Luna SA HSM for extra measures of protection. SafeNet Luna SA secures data by protecting cryptographic keys. By storing digital keys in its FIPS 140-2 validated, tamper-proof hardware, Luna SA protects the entire key lifecycle. This method ensures the digital keys remain safe, which in turn, ensures the protection of the encrypted data.

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